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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About Africa

What is the best time to go to Africa?

Unlike other parts of continents of the world, you can travel to Africa at any given time. This is because, there is no good or bad season as far as traveling to Africa is concerned. This, therefore means that you can travel to Africa all year round. Why is this so? This is simply because in Africa, the whole year is all about sunshine, heat and sometimes heavy rains but this does not mean that the rains comes along with cold that can make you not go out on adventure.

On the other hand, if you are want a dry season in order to enjoy your travel through the East African Savannah, then consider coming to Africa in the period between January to March and between July to October. This is the best time that I can assure that your land rover will not stick in the sticky mud of Africa. On the other hand, the East African region is accessible all year round despite the fact that in some cases, you will experience heavy rains.

What are the entry requirements to Africa?

There is nothing new as far as entry requirements is concerned because the entry requirements to every county is more or less related. For instance entering the East African regions requires you to have a visa prior to entry. The three East African countries for example will allow you to apply for visa through their online portal and once the visa is processed, you will be allowed to print it from your end and present is as soon as you touch down or at the entry points into that particular country.

How much does it cost for my visa to be granted?

Visas can be applied based on different categories. There is the Single person entry visa, also known as the SJV, Multiple Entry Visa (MJV) and the Transit Visa (TV). The single entry visa will cost you approximately USD 50. With this visa, you will be allowed into Africa for a specified period of time as a single individual. The Multiple Entry Visa is meant for a family, couples and missionaries and it will cost around USD 110 for such a visa to be granted. On the other hand, there is the Transit Visa which is meant for those people on safari and will have to transverse various countries to get to their destination. This will cost you approximately USD 20.

What should I take with me when going to Africa?

It should be considered that most of the places in Africa are cooler in the evening and hot during the day. In that case, you need some jackets and sweaters for the night and some light cloths for the day. If you are an explorer, you will be taken aback to find out that there is not a single motel or a guest house in the way. You need a tent and a sleeping bag.

The mosquitoes are also wild than you can imagine and as such, you will need a mosquito repellant as well as the mosquito net. The sun is so bright and direct in Africa since it is just above your head, in front of you and sometimes behind you. The sun is everywhere and with that, don’t forget to come with the best sun glasses. There are other personal belongings that you will need. You will need a lot of cash because you pay for everything in Africa.

Is Africa a good holiday destination for a family?

Indeed, there is no good place than Africa, there are so many new things that you will find there and there are so many things to do. If you love trailing the terrains, then this will be the best place. When in Africa, your family will never stay at a hotel and get bored watching a movie or a TV.

For instance, it is only in Africa where you can go out with your family and receive a lot of warm welcome from the locals. Africa has a vast game park areas reserved for you and you can always visit them at your own time. People and animals of Africa will give you more joy than you could have imagined.

Where and when does the Great Migration of Wildebeests happen in Africa?

The Great Migration normally take place in East Africa at a place known as the Maasai Mara. This is a mass migration of wildebeests from the Maasai Mara Park to the Serengeti plains. This happens when the wildebeest have exhausted the pastures at the Mara plains and have no choice but to cross the Mara River, a river which is home to thousands of man eating crocodiles. It normally happens in late June all through to early October; this is actually the right time for you to travel to Africa.