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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About Australia

How is the Weather in Australia?

Australia is one of those countries in which to expect a dynamic weather meaning that one part of the country can be hot while the other parts are experiencing a different set of weather changes. For instance, if you are planning to travel to the northern parts of Australia, be prepared to meet a very hot environment; and all you will see are kangaroos shielding themselves from the punishing heat of the day.

On the other hand, the coastal strips of Australia are known to be warm and sometimes experiences mild winter. For example, if you are traveling to Sydney, you are probably going to find a summer season characterized by warm to hot weather. Note that if you are from Europe, you need to be careful because the seasons here are exactly opposite to that of Europe. This is basically due to the fact that in Australia, the summer season starts from December to February and the winter begins from June and ends in August.

Is Australia a safe place to be?

Australia is one among the safest places in the world, however, this does not mean that personal safety is guaranteed. It will take a little bit of your efforts as well to make sure that safety begins with you in person. If we talk about crime rates, just like the US and the UK, Australia has a relatively low level of crime rate but there are a few burglaries here and there which are common in all parts or in all other cities in the world. There are various security measure which have been proposed especially for those who are visiting Australia for the first time. This security measures include installing alarms in your personal cars and in your houses. The security in towns and cities is however better as compared to the ghetto areas which are considered the poorest section of Australia. When in this places, hold on tight to your purse.

Which is the best city in Australia?

Regarding whether a city is good or not depends on individual needs. One person may think that Sydney is the best city in Australia simply because it is closer to the sea/ocean. On the other hand, someone else may conclude that it is not the best because it is near the ocean. However, there are three main cities in Australia that can be said to be the best. This cities are Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. These are the cities where you will get to experience a variety of social amenities, sophisticated transport and other things that you may need for your day to day living. It also depend on whether you are working here or just visiting.

Can I use my foreign driving license in Australia?

If you are foreigner and have a foreign driving license, it will be good to make sure that you acquire a new Australian driving license. This is simply due to the fact that some foreign driving licenses do not the set threshold for it to be accepted in Australia. It is important to get your territorial driving license after three months of entry. This is for the working professional but a common person or a tourist does not need to get it on immediate basis. The foreign driving license is accepted only as an interim driving license and as soon as the interim period expires, then you will not have any other choice but to get you Australian driving license.

How is health care services in Australia?

Just like the healthcare is good in the United States, the state of health care provision in Australia are also good. In Australia, there is an efficient healthcare system which will cater for your wellbeing as soon as you settle in any city there. The health care system has employed all the options including running both public and private service provisions. There are also medical covers which can help you pay for your health for the future. Professionals from countries like the UK and US have been guaranteed of quality healthcare due to the fact that there is a standing agreement between their countries which helps in subsidizing for health needs.

What are the available visas in Australia?

It depends on what you are going to do in Australia. There are different types of visas which you can choose from. For instance, there is the Single Entry Visa; this is a visa for a single individual who wishes to enter Australia for whatever reasons. There is also the Family/Multiple Entry Visa. With this visa, you will be allowed to enter Australia from any point with more than one person. On the other hand there is the transit visa which will allow you to stay in Australia for a while before proceeding to other neighboring countries.