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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About College

I have often heard that anybody can join college. Does it matter what subject I take at high school level?

That is the main notion among people but it is indeed true that one can just join college. However, for an easier academic life in college, a student should make sure that he/she takes all the subjects crucial for you when joining college. For instance, before joining college, you should have been in a position where you can take basic and mandatory subjects such as English, math, science and even social ethics or social studies. It should be considered also that colleges are the only academic level where the subjects which you took back at high school counts. In that case, it does matter for a student to take those courses which are crucial for specific colleges.
It should be known that some of the colleges have minimum requirements for you to be admitted in such a college. Since colleges specialize in different fields, students must look for those colleges which offer courses that are in line with what you did back at high school. This means, therefore, that you need to be well aware of what you want to do at college so that you can be able to take the necessary subjects which help you during admission.

Are there test which are used to eliminate those who will join and those who will not join the college?

In most case, most of the colleges have employed the use of entrance exams but this does not mean that it is a way of shutting the door for potential candidates. Entrance exams are just meant for selecting students in line with the courses offered by a specific college. On the other hand, considering the ever increasing levels of competition among those who want to join the best college, most colleges have set an entry gate to filter the potential candidates.

Most of the colleges basically use the overall class performance hence selecting the best students from the class. Some colleges can set a passing score higher while others have set a relatively lower passing score required of a student in order for them to join such a college.

Which test does most colleges consider internationally?

There are various test worldwide and it depends on what a college administration chooses. In some countries like the US, most colleges admit students who have passed test such as SAT and ACT. With students from various parts of the world can apply for admission on such colleges. These test are universal in most cases and that is the reason why most colleges admit students based on such test scores. If you are interested in whichever college, then it is crucial for you to ask the admission counselors from that college on which test to take.

What happens if I fail an entrance exam? Is it possible to retake the exams?

Yes, most of the colleges allows potential students to take SAT and ACT test as long as you are still interested in joining their college. This is good news for many students who have been worrying regarding this issue as well. It must be considered that these exams are not meant to shut anyone out but just to make sure that they are the right students for the college.

At what period should I start planning for college?

Well, you can plan for college as soon as you enter the junior high school. This is the right period to plan for college because by this time, you will be in a position to tell which subjects are your source of strengths and you can also work on your weaknesses. On the other hand, junior high school is where most of the specialization take place. There are a number of career guiders who will help your facet your career and by the time you enter senior high school, you will be better placed to plan for college. Planning early for college is needs a solid collaboration between your teachers, parents and yourself. Parents and teachers will direct you on what it take to build a working career path and after that you will be given time to decide what college you want to join.

What if I am ready to join college but am not sure what to take or study?

Making a standing decision or a stable decision is a challenge that everyone has gone through in life because there are various courses offered by colleges and all of them look nice and promising. However, the real issues sets in when you are spoilt of choice meaning that you can’t choose what you want study. The right thing to do when entangled by such an issue is to do a bit of research from those who have gone through college. Some of the courses they took will sound promising and you may finally settle for it.