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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About Dogs

Many people consider dogs to be a member of their family which is why people become concerned when they start behaving in strange manners.

Why do dogs lick people?

There are many reasons that can be used to explain why dogs lick people as well as other dogs. Young dogs lick their owners or mothers as a sign of affection or to let them know that they want to be fed. For grown up dogs, licking signifies that they are submitting to the person who is in charge or the authority figure. Most often the dogs are looking for attention, food or something else when they lick you. When the dog is licking you they are able to relieve stress and become calm as the endorphins are released through this act. This results in the dog having a better feeling.

Why is my dog’s nose always wet?

Many individuals tend to think that a dog having a wet nose interprets that they are healthy. This is a misconception that is far from the truth. The nose of your dog can appear moist due to several reasons but heath has absolutely nothing to do with it. The first reason might be because your dog is constantly licking it all day long in order to ensure that it is clean. The second reason might be because keeping the nose moist helps in cooling off the rest of their body. The body of dogs does not work similarly to the mechanism of the human body when it comes to sweating and cooling off. The dogs don’t sweat but rather release their excess body heat through panting n then it is excreted through the nose causing it to become wet. The nose contains a special gland that is responsible for producing the clear fluid that is used to help the dog in faster cooling down.

How much better is a dog’s sense of smell than our own?

The sense of smell in dogs is countless times better than that of human beings. Dogs have the capability to detect smells that are ten thousand to a hundred thousand times superior to the human capability. This can be explained by the fact that human beings have six million olfactory receptors while dogs have a total of three hundred million olfactory receptors. The second fact that might help in explaining this enhanced smelling capability is the fact that the part of the brain that is involved with the sense of smell in dogs is about forty times larger as compared to that of human beings.
The third factor that contributes to the enhanced smelling abilities in this canine is their breathing system. Their breathing system does not operate like that of the human beings where you breathe out and in using the same method. The dogs use their nostrils to breathe in and the slits located at either side of the nose to breathe out. The use of different ways to breathe in and out allows the animal to have different smells being circulated at a go. Some dogs have the extra advantage of having floppy ears that allow them to shove up new smells such as the bloodhound.

Why do dog feet smell like corn chips?

If you have observed that there is a certain smell that exists in the foot of your dog your sense of smell is not wrong. There is a certain smell that is found on the feet of dogs and the smell differs from one dog to another. The feet of dog contain numerous yeast and bacteria which is found in the pockets and folds found in between the toes. There is a lot of moisture found between these pockets and folds that creates a suitable environment for yeast and bacteria to thrive. Yeast and bacteria can result to the creation of varied smells depending on the type of bacteria it is. The tortilla smell on the dog’s feet can be associated with the presence of bacteria known as pseudomonas or proteus. Slight smells are however normal so there is no need to wash the feet yet if the smell is faint.

Is my dog’s mouth really that clean?

Many people assume that the mouths of dogs are automatically clean which not the case is. On the contrary the mouth of your dog is the opposite of clean as it is full of bacteria. This should not make you get alarmed if your pet is fond of licking you or your young ones. A majority of the bacteria found in the mouth of dogs are only harmful to their own kind only so you are safe. There are however, some bacteria that is similar to the canine and human species which is why to protect yourself and your loved ones your dog needs to have the latest shots.