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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About Lawn Care

What is the estimated time that a lawn expert can take to service a lawn?

Lawn servicing is basically a different service far from creating a new lawn. Lawn servicing is maintaining a lawn that has already been created or established. It takes as short as 13 to 20 minutes to service a lawn depending on whether the lawn is even. In some cases, the lawn might be so uneven that you cannot service it within a record time. An area of 4,200 square feet can be serviced within 20 minutes. However this can take longer if the lawn has many obstructions.

Should I charge lawn services I offer based on the area or based on other factors?

If you are that person whose business is offering lawn care services, you need to be extra careful when deciding what prices to offer. You should be careful and make sure that each and every lawn service you offer is attached to a specific price depending on the extent of lawn itself and whether the surface has more grass than usual and whether surface is even. Some of the lawns are too bushy and this makes your lawn mower stuck at all time.

On the other hand, you need to charge your lawn mowing based on the ruggedness of the terrain of the lawn. Lawns with difficult terrains will call for a powerful machine and a powerful lowing machine means that you will accrue an extra cost that must be shared between you and your customer. This is the best way to charge as far as lawn care is concerned.

How long does it take for lawn grass seeds to geminate?

The basic germination conditions are also applicable when it comes to the germination of grass. The basic conditions for grass seeds to germinate include moisture, warmth, air and sunlight. In the event that these conditions are provided, the grass seeds can take up to 3 weeks to germinate. However, different grasses can germinate after different periods depending on their types. For instance grasses like star grass and Rye grass are known to take the shortest germination period as compared to other grasses in the grass family.
If you are looking forward to planting rye grass, then it is crucial to wait for the right season where all the germination conditions will be available. As soon as they are dispersed into the soil such grasses can take advantage of the right conditions.

Why lawns with so many trees scanty?

It is true that people prefer lawns which have lots of trees in them. As the trees you have planted continues to grow, they give out too much shad. Excessive shading has an effect on grass as they make the grasses weaker and yellow in color. When green grass encounters a shade, they are blocked from sunlight which is crucial for the production of the green coloring mater. This leads to deficiencies which weakens grass vigor.
A lawn with so many trees are scanty because grasses tend to die after a long period of living under the shade.

What should do about various weeds in my lawn?

It is difficult to weed a whole lawn especially if such a lawn if so extensive. In order to kill the unwanted weeds, all you need to know is which weed killer kills all other plants except grass. You can therefore spray your grasses to do away with the weeds without necessarily killing the weed. All you need to do is visit a nearby agro-chemical supply stores and inquire before buying a weed killing herbicide.

What is the advantages of racking and combing our lawns?

Raking is basically meant to remove all the grass chaffs which have been accrued from cutting the long grass. These grass cuttings are known to cover the growing shoots and can lead to retarded growth of grasses. Raking is advantageous as it ensures that all the dirt accrued from cutting grass in our lawns are removed hence giving room for the shoots to access more sunlight.

On the other hand, detaching is important especially when it comes to the running types of grass. If such grasses are not combed and detached, then they may fail to fill up the intended area. It is important to keep detaching such grasses and directing them to those areas where there are scantly growing grass.

Why is my lawn brown in color epically during winter?

In most cases, lawn grass are affected by frost bites. When the surface of the grass leaves are exposed to frost bites, they tend to develop a form of weakness which paves room for fungal infection.

How frequently should I use fertilizers in my lawns?

In order to make sure that your lawns meets the expectations, it is important for you to be aware of the fact that you can apply fertilizers on monthly basis in order to achieve he best result.