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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About Solar Energy

Does solar energy have any financial benefits to the users?

Indeed there is a huge financial benefit attached to using or installing solar energy system in your premises. The first issue related to solar energy that related to financial benefit is the fact that solar energy is more efficient than other forms of energy production. In fact, you will be in a position to save more money when you have a solar energy production system within your home. Unlike hydroelectric energy which is highly dependent of various factors that translates to accrued costs, solar energy is cheaper since you can install it on your own and there is no extra costs associated. Most of the costs are mostly accrued from transmission and even the dropping levels of water.

On the other hand, there are areas where solar energy are supplied from a local station. If that is the case, you will be required to pay for utility bills or consumption bills. However such bills are relatively cheaper as compared to other bills accrued from geothermal and hydro energy.

Can solar energy be metered?

Yes, solar energy can be metered just like any other form of energy. When solar energy is converted into electricity, you can easily meter how much energy is produces and consumed within a specified period of time. It is therefore possible to meter your solar energy simply because it is just like any other form of energy. With regards to metering, the consumer can be metered so as to determine the net metering. The net metering is a unit which is used when billing the consumption by a user. The producer of the solar energy will charge based on what is consumed rather than the overall production in the solar energy plant.

What is the essence of solar energy and how can this be explained with regard to photovoltaic Cells?

The solar panels are made of numerous photovoltaic cells which have light and heat sensitive materials. When the solar panel absorbs a sizeable amount of sun energy, it converts such energy into a direct electrical current. This means that the solar energy is converted into a direct form of electricity. In this form, most of the devices may not be able to utilize such an electrical energy in that same form. This calls for the introduction of an inverter. An inverted converts direct current into an alternating current (AC). This is a form of electricity that can be used by many of the devices.m
The photovoltaic cells are basically used to convert sun energy into electrical currents. The photovoltaic cells are made of dark absorbent materials which ensure that light and heat from the sun are concentrated into the solar panels.

Will solar energy be accrued when there is low sun shine?

You should consider that solar energy can only be produced whenever there is a sizeable amount of sun shine. Solar energy is therefore dependent on the amount of sunshine at your disposal. In a cloudy day, the solar panels may not be able to produce the much needed solar energy. Solar energy can also be produced slightly whenever the sky has partial clouds or basically clouds that keep exposing the sky as they move. In order to ensure a continued solar energy use, it is crucial to store energy through battery mediums. A battery can store huge amounts of direct currents which can be converted into indirect current with the use of an inverter.

What are the advantages of choosing to go solar?

There are so many benefits of choosing solar energy over other forms of energy. The first among all of the is the fact that solar energy is a clean energy meaning that it does not produce harmful wastes such as fumes and other substances. This means that you can be able to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases by going solar. Unlike the production of electrical energy using diesel engines, the solar energies are free from fume production.

Secondly, going solar is basically saving your money because by choosing solar, you choose to save a huge sum of money for future use. With solar energy, you can save as much as half of the money that could otherwise have been used in paying for other electricity bills. Go green, choose solar and save more.

Is it possible to produce solar energy for own consumption and remain off-grid?

Yes, it is possible to produce your own solar energy as long as you have all that it takes to produce a specific amount of energy that suits your consumption needs. In most cases, individuals may fail to produce enough solar energy and they will remain within the grid just to make sure that they get a good amount of power. However, if you are in a position to produce solar energy independently, then well and good.