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How to Ask for a Raise

Many bosses are reluctant to raise your salary despite how much you deserve it. What do you do when your boss is not making any signs of making it happen any time soon? Many individuals are tentative when they are faced with the tasks of requesting for a salary raise. There are only three decisions that an individual can do when faced with the predicament of a salary raise, they can either gather their courage and request for the raise from their boss, they can decide to seek for a well-paying job or they can ignore the issue and become competent with the current salary. Searching for a new job is a stressful and cumbersome task which might take a long period of time. If you are patiently hoping that your boss will soon raise your salary without your input you might be waiting for that probably till eternity.it is about time you made your first bold move and let your boss know that you want and deserve that raise.

What do you need to start you off?

The first step to execute while requesting for a raise is doing a thorough research about how much your colleagues in the same profession are making. Conducting the comprehensive research will let you know where you lie in the salary range, are you average or too low. Conversing with your colleagues from the diverse companies with give you a different perspective about the salary ranges. Talking to other people might however turn out to be a real hassle as a majority of people are hesitant when it comes to talking about money. If talking to people does not turn out to be very fruitful you can try searching in resources that are published. The O*Net Online website is one of the places that publish the standard salaries derived from government statistics for the diverse professions. The website goes further to even give the standard salary for each and every state. The Glassdoor.com is another website that gives excellent data regarding salaries for the different occupations.

How much can you earn?

The salary you will receive can vary from the standard salary you saw during your research due to aspects such as your experience and the level of education. It is essential that your expectations are rational and practical. In order to determine how realistic they are evaluate the duration of time you have been in that industry, your level of education and qualifications attained in addition to the duration of time you have been in the current position at that organization. While at it put into consideration where your company is situated, this is because companies located in minor towns pay less as compared to those located in large cities.
The financial condition of your boss should also be put into consideration. It would be very unrealistic to ask for a salary raise when the company is having financial constraints or the industry is facing uncertainty. It is essential to conduct further research on the company financials rather than just relying on the data you already have. The financial condition of the company can be determined by probing into financial reports or keeping up with business related news.

Preparing for the case

When you are certain that you have all the relevant facts it is time to face your employer. It is important to prepare thoroughly for the case you are presenting regarding your salary raise. It might not be an obvious thing that you deserve a raise and you therefore need to convince your employer with reasons why you deserve it. Present yourself and the pitch to sell yourself just like it was a potential employer who wanted to employ you. Compile a list of all the things you have accomplished in your career starting with the latest going backwards. Give detailed accounts of how those accomplishments were beneficial to your boss. The details of the part you played in achieving something will be very significant selling points. The significant skills both soft and hard that you possess and how you utilize them in the organization should be listed too. Do not forget to include the future plans and goals you want to accomplish in the company in full details.

Prepare for positive and negative responses

It is important that you are prepared for any eventuality, your employer might decide to give you raise or turn down your request. Before stepping into that room to ask for a raise you need to have a plan of what you will do if your employer turns you down or the raise does not reach your expected amount. Though the reasons for failing to grant you the raise might be realistic such as based on your performance evaluation or other understandable reasons you have to have be mentally prepared for any outcome.

Set Up an Appointment

Set up a meeting with your employer and finally present your case. Requesting for a raise is a serious issue that you should not discuss with him on the hallway. Give it the seriousness you would give an interview or a client. The conversation should be held on directly unless your employer is not within the same locality as you. Calmly present your case without getting carried away by emotions.